Blue Oyster Life

Blue Oyster Lifestyle is a brand that has a mission of supporting and growing the oyster aquaculture industry and preserving the waterman culture and lifestyle. A portion of each dollar is used to purchase nutrient credits directly from oyster farmers so they can continue to grow more oysters and provide an essential service to the Chesapeake Bay.

An Oyster Aquaculture Company on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Blue Oyster brings a revolutionary, 21st-century approach to scaling the Chesapeake’s oyster aquaculture industry, enlisting the vast watershed’s communities and businesses to help improve the environment and storied culture of the country’s largest estuary.

We broker nutrient credits in pursuit of a triple bottom line.


Blue Oyster provides Chesapeake oyster farmers with oysters to cultivate their own oyster beds, purchases the oysters when they are grown, and delivers them to global markets. We have invested heavily in new, modern processing operations on the bay’s Eastern Shore to bring the industry to a competitive scope.


The oysters themselves are nature’s water filters. Thriving oyster operations have the potential to reverse hundreds of years of degradation and damage caused by nutrient runoff and other sources of pollution.

A new nutrient regulatory framework based on an EPA expert panel facilitates our mission. Blue Oyster sells the valuable nutrient credits generated by the oyster farmers to surrounding municipalities and businesses.


We aim to involve all of the Chesapeake Bay watershed’s businesses, municipalities, and stakeholders in revitalization of this crucial ecosystem and the culture that surrounds it. As the oyster industry thrives again, so, too, will the working waterfront communities that have made up the heart and soul of the Bay’s culture for decades.

Inspired by generations of watermen.