For Credit Buyers

On Demand

We package and sell nitrogen and phosphorous credits by watershed in Maryland and Virginia. Municipalities in those watersheds can purchase the credits from Blue Oyster to meet required baseline reductions determined through discharge permits.

This on-demand credit program creates a spot market for nutrient generators to meet nutrient requirements whenever needed.


We know that some municipalities in the Chesapeake watershed must implement long-term nutrient-reduction goals. Blue Oyster is uniquely qualified to establish custom, long-term nutrient reduction projects. Services include the development of a reduction plan, full project management, certified nutrient credits over the life of a contract, and regular management reports.

 This full-service approach provides municipalities with reliable, long-term nutrient reductions.


Blue Oyster’s credit trading is based on the Chesapeake Bay Program’s nutrient and suspended sediment reduction determination framework for oyster best management practices. The EPA has recognized the efficiency of oysters in reducing nitrogen and phosphorous in the Chesapeake Bay and approved oyster aquaculture as a best management practice.

Nutrient Credit Availability by Watershed

Map of nutrient credit availability for credits generated by oyster aquaculture