April 28, 2020


First Nutrient Credit Trade from Oysters Completed

BALTIMORE, MD – Blue Oyster Environmental, an oyster aquaculture and seafood company based in Cambridge, MD, and the Baltimore Convention Center, the premiere location to host meetings and conventions in the Mid-Atlantic States located in downtown Baltimore, have completed a voluntary Nutrient Credit trade generated by an oyster aquaculture operation. The Convention Center recently purchased four pounds of nitrogen credits generated from oysters grown by Orchard Point Oyster Co. in Stevensville, Maryland. The Convention Center purchased the nitrogen credits to offset the impact of food production associated with their Sustainable Event Professional Certificate Reception, an educational event for meeting planners seeking knowledge on creating sustainable meetings that took place in October of 2019.


“This trade is a major milestone for the aquaculture industry and the Water Quality Trading Program. For the first time, oyster farmers will be compensated for the ecological benefits of their farms, allowing them to expand their operations and increase the number of oysters they grow while also allowing the community to participate in oyster restoration,” said Jordan Shockley, CEO of Blue Oyster Environmental.


“In partnering with Blue Oyster Environmental, we were able to locate the nutrient credits needed to offset the water quality impact of our event. By purchasing these credits, we are supporting a necessary part of maintaining the health of Maryland’s own Chesapeake Bay while also enjoying delicious local oysters provided by Orchard Point Oyster Co. It is important for us to ensure that our sustainability efforts have a direct environmental impact on our local region”, said Mac Campbell, Deputy Director of the Baltimore Convention Center.


The nutrient credit purchase program will be added to a list of curated options for clients of the Baltimore Convention Center to offset their event’s environmental footprint. The Center’s initiatives, such as Diversion by Donation, the BCC Food Waste Reduction Program, as well as a growing number of offset opportunities, provide clients a variety of routes for producing greener meetings while helping vulnerable populations and leaving a lasting impact on the local community.


“We at Orchard Point Oyster Co. are incredibly excited to have been part of the first ever nutrient credit trade derived from oyster aquaculture. To us, the added value of nutrient credits represents more than just revenue. It is a reflection of the value that oyster aquaculture provides – from water quality improvements to species habitat.” said Scott Budden, Partner at Orchard Point Oyster Co.


This is the first time that an oyster aquaculture operation has been compensated for the ecological benefit their farms provide. “Bottom-line: nutrient trading will increase the number of farmed oysters on our farm and in the Bay. It is exciting to be on the forefront of a market-based solution that will improve the Bay” said Budden.


About Blue Oyster Environmental

Blue Oyster brings a revolutionary, 21st-century approach to scaling the Chesapeake’s oyster aquaculture industry, enlisting the vast watershed’s communities and businesses to help improve the environment and storied culture of the country’s largest estuary. BOE provides a variety of services to the oyster aquaculture industry and nutrient dischargers such as credit brokering services. With a focus on business, environment and culture of the Chesapeake Bay, Blue Oyster believes that expanding the oyster aquaculture industry will provide the model that is able to satisfy everyone’s vision of what the oyster is meant to be.


About the Center

The Baltimore Convention Center is the premier location in the Mid-Atlantic for organizations to host conventions, meeting, luncheons and other activities large and small. The four level Center boasts seven exhibition halls providing a total of 300,000 square feet, 50 meeting rooms with a total of 85,000 square feet and the largest ballroom in the state of Maryland, totaling over 36,000 square feet. The Center is conveniently located off of Interstates 83 and 295 in the revitalized downtown area and is surrounded by several major hotels and tourist attractions all within walking distance.


About Orchard Point

Orchard Point Oyster Company proudly raises sustainably farmed oysters in the Chester River and Eastern Bay, in some of the northern-most tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Grown in surface floats that gently tumble our oysters in the wind and the waves, our oysters have a deep, consistent shell cup. Plump and satisfying, Orchard Point oysters have a buttery minerality and gentle brine that reflects the sandy shorelines and rich aquatic grasses of our Upper Bay farm locations— an unforgettable flavor unique to our oysters.


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